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EMDR Intensives

EMDR intensives are designed for motivated clients that are looking for a quick and effective way to overcome struggles and reduce or eliminate symtoms.  There is less time required for scheduling and travel cost.  

Intensives can produce faster results than weekly sessions using standard talk therapy.  The goal is to help clients process information faster and heal more quickly.

EMDR intensives can be a great compliment to weekly therapy if your therapist is not trained in this modality.  

During your intensive, we will work together to identify the symtoms, intrusive thoughts, and body sensations you would like to resolve.  We will then create  targeted goals and a customized plan on your preferred timeline.  

Things to consider before starting an intensive:  

EMDR Intensives are not covered by insurance.

Intensives are six contact hours which includes a pre and post assessment.  

EMDR Intensive hours can be scheduled on Saturday.

The package rate is $1050.  

A 50% deposit is required to hold the dates of your intensive sessions and full payment will be collected on the first day of your intensive.